WINNS Program

Ventura’s one-stop-shop for alternative housing & local trade school

ADUs: Alternative Housing

WCDC/WINNS staff met with strategic partners for the development of a one-stop-shop program to encourage the development of ADUs as an alternative housing solution to high-density developments. The program intends to provide a pathway for a property owner to develop an ADU with little to no barriers.

WCDC/WINNS staff have had several meetings with interested stakeholders and partners regarding the development of a Trade School along Ventura Avenue. Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) Board member and select staff have indicated an interest in readapting the property located at 2647 North Ventura Avenue. Conversations with local labor unions, industrial property owners, and the Economic Development Manager from the City of Ventura have indicated that there will be a growing need for a highly skilled workforce in the near future.

Ventura’s Local Trade School

How will it work?

It starts with community

Housing Program

Design/Build – We will coordinate with local architects and existing providers of prefabricated ADUs.

Program Management and Construction – We will oversee all permits issued and partner with affordable housing developers, prefabricated ADU providers, and labor unions to source the workforce to develop these units.

Financing – We will coordinate with potential lenders and financing partners to work with interested property owners to develop an ADU.

Leasing/Legal Support – We will partner with local groups who can provide support in crafting lease agreements and other contractual support as needed.

Landlord training / Tenant screening – In coordination with other housing organizations, we will set up a landlord training and tenant screening program to match prospective tenants with the appropriate landlord. 

Section 8 Program Management – We will coordinate with housing groups or directly oversee the management of a Section 8 program.

It is recommended that WCDC proceed with a pilot Housing Program and identify approximately 100 property owners who would be interested in the program.

Ventura’s Trade School

Coordinate with local labor unions, industrial property/business owners, and City staff to hold an annual “summer camp” for pre-apprenticeship and mentorship opportunities within the construction trades. 

Engage with labor unions or existing job training providers to identify the framework for the Trade School.

Secure the existing facility and property.

Adaptive Reuse of the Existing Structure – Grant funding opportunities will be pursued for the redevelopment and adaption of the existing structure for use as a Trade School.

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