Pura Avenida Mural Project

What is Pura Avenida?

PURA AVENIDA is a means to celebrate and preserve the authenticity and genuine nature of The Avenue while bringing about a broader scope of experiences and life paths to its young people. Pura Avenida offers skill based learning opportunities, career technical training, and mentorships. It is a safe space to create and be creative, to ask questions and to learn entrepreneurship. Pura Avenida recycles leaders, using students and residents who have been trained in high-tech manufacturing equipment to teach others.

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It directs young people to local resources, provides access to mentors, and carves out paths (avenues) to pursue higher education and career training all while maintaining place and purpose in the community for its participants.

Where is the Pura Avenida Mural Project?

You can find the 600ft project along 267- 155 of Wall St.

It celebrates that each individual of the community is a valued and contributing member of the community who possesses unique and authentic abilities. It is training the young people of today for future opportunities and avenues.
It is Pura Avenida!

Conceived by WCDC’s director Jackie Pearce and artists Cynthia Polk, Vince Felix, Onofre Banderas, Juan Martinez, and Dain Acevedo, the Pura Avenida Mural Project was developed as a means to engage marginalized and disenfranchised youth.  A handful of local at-risk youth have been selected to participate in the project. Being led and instructed by the Pura Avenida team of artists, they will not only learn new skills, they will be contributing to a community project that will, hopefully, produce something far more than they expected. These young artists are working alongside established artists and mural makers in bringing the project to life. In total, more than 50 artists and over a dozen community members are involved in realizing the project.

From priming, sketching, painting and sealing the mural to distributing notification announcements, setting up and cleanup, community members are involved in all aspects of the project.

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Follow along Wall Street to see Pura Avenida come to life through our 600ft community mural.

The Pura Avenida Mural Team

The team that helped make this possible!

The Artists

Photography by Onofre Banderas

Blazer Martinez (pictured above, working on Avenue Street Signs #18) is one of the many talented local artists working on the Pura Avenida Mural Project.

Arin Joy Suarez

Bubble #4 ( Motorcycle of Ventura Fairgrounds)

Bubble #11 (Ventura Surfboards)

Imelda Chavira

Mama Bear, Cub, & Bobcat #33a, #35a

Xochilt Stoke

#30a & 31

Jeff Ault

Landscape Specialist

Josh Burns

Background Specialist

The List

NameRoleMural BubbleFollow!
Cynthia Polklead artist, designer of renderingMain girl, hawk and landscape going east, Surfer #22a, Chumash villagers #38@veganpolk1
Juan Martinezgraffiti artist specialist, backdrop of muralChumash man #1 , Chumash Village #38, all backdrop, Coyote #6 @kontramantis
Destini MejiaLocal ArtistBallet Folklórico #2@_kookez_
Patzy SalazarLocal ArtistMariachi #3
Arin Joy SuarezLocal ArtistSurfboards #11
Motorcycle #4
Amanda LorettoLocal ArtistTrain Trestle #4a
Children of the communityLocal ArtistsHandprints done by local children
Juan MartinezPura Avenida Mural TeamCoyote #6@kontramantis
Paula Tumamait- StenslieLocal ArtistChumash Sun #6a
Uncle SadeLocal ArtistWestpark Skateboarder #7@uncle_sade
Gabriel CuevaLocal ArtistAvenue Library #8
Christine Michelle VerduzcoLocal ArtistAngel #8a@ChristineMichV
Lynne OkunLocal ArtistAvenue Ferral Cats near #10lynneokun.com
Christine Michelle VerduzcoLocal ArtistLa Virgin de Guadalupe con Diego,
Angeles y Luna #10,
Diego #10
Onofre BanderasInstagram HostLa Virgen de Guadalupe con Juan Diego, Ángel y Luna #10@puraavenida
Christine Michelle VerduzcoLocal ArtistDiego #10@ChristineMichV
Uncle SadeLocal ArtistChild Innocence #10@uncle_sade
Arin Joy SuarezLocal ArtistSurfboards #11
Motorcycle #4
Liz FrancoLocal ArtistElotero #12@free.flower.child
Betsie RexiusLocal ArtistWorking Hands #13@betsielouise
Kiki MayLocal ArtistLemon Tree #14@kikimayart
Tomás HernandezLocal ArtistChinese dragon #15
original mural proposed in 2012
Victor RamosLocal ArtistSteelhead Trout #16@victum140
Dain AcevedoLocal ArtistSkateboarder #17@d_a_i_n
Blazer MartinezLocal ArtistAvenue Street Sign #18
Gabriel CárdenasLocal ArtistDanzantes #19@gxbcxr
Miguel RodriguezLocal ArtistPachuco #20@omepache
Tracy HudakLocal ArtistAvenue Hardware Store #21
Frank BenevidezLocal ArtistLowrider #22
Cynthia PolkLocal ArtistLongboarder #22a@veganpolk
Amber VerdriesLocal ArtistKellogg Park #23@ambervcreations
Local ChildrenLocal Artistlocal children handprints
Nicolette Walker-ItzaLocal ArtistChild in Swing #25@don.tcallmenikki
Qori MoorehaulLocal ArtistSun and Moon #26@qorimoorehaul
MB HanrahanLocal ArtistPaul Lindhardt of Art City #28,
Oil Derek #27,
Westpark Historical Murals #30
MB HanrahanLocal ArtistPaul Lindhardt of Art City #28,
Oil Derek #27,
Westpark Historical Murals #30
Ben PaceLocal ArtistPelican #29@benpaceart
MB HanrahanLocal ArtistWestpark Historical Murals #30@mbhuniverse
Xochitl StokeLocal ArtistUna Taza #30a@minkam00n, @_sake_bomb
Xochitl StokeLocal Artist
Melissa Olague LoeraLocal ArtistBicyclist #32@molagueloera
Morgan MascorroLocal ArtistMusic Notes #33
Imelda ChaviraLocal ArtistBobcat@imeldazheART
Dain AcevedoLocal ArtistPaletero #34@d_a_i_n
Uncle SadeLocal ArtistBoxer #35
Aimee DenzelLocal ArtistC-street #36amorisa.com
Lola DunnLocal ArtistFerris Wheel #37,
Fireworks #37a
Lola DunnLocal ArtistFerris Wheel #37,
Fireworks #37a
Robyne RedwaterLocal ArtistChumash Village #38
Eva Ryan-CovarrubiasLocal Artist Chumash Woman #38evaryanart.gallery
Amber VerdriesLocal ArtistLady Surfer #39@ambervcreations
Open Door Studio by Tess ZufoloLocal ArtistEP Foster #40@opendoorstudio805
Aimee DenzelLocal ArtistAvenue Days #41amorisa.com
Josh BurnsLocal ArtistBackground specialistFB jb_studios805
Jeffrey AultLocal ArtistLandscape and base of mural@ballenadesigninc
Jessica RodriguezLocal ArtistCactus, Poinsettias and other plants
Billy MitchellLocal ArtistLandscape and base of mural
Shane MorrellLocal ArtistLandscape and base of mural
Adam CwiokLocal ArtistLandscape and base of mural@adamcwiokah
Thomas MulaneHollywood ArtistBlue heron and base of the mural
Naomi WyattLocal ArtistCoyotes in the landscape
Klay Kidd and AveryLocal ArtistBarn owl, roadrunner and insects
Maria MuotkaLocal ArtistRaccoon@mariamuotka
Lisa SonLocal ArtistLandscape and base of mural
Nova CliteLocal ArtistSquirrels and king snake and other@novaclite, novaclite.com
Danni AultLocal ArtistGopher and succulents@dha_clay
Maria RoblesLocal ArtistButterflies and bluejays@maria.l.robles
Lauren ZaragozaLocal Artist
Chris ThomasLocal Artist
Dylan CzoschkeLocal ArtistRattlesnake
Holly Thomson and Nathan LingleLocal Artist

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