Pura Avenida – A Mural Story

WCDC’s current and ongoing adventure starts with Onofre, a long time resident and artist from Ventura Avenue.
Like many of us in Ventura who enjoy the delectable tastes of the Avenue’s cuisine, Onofre was out for a bite one day. Unfortunately in his case, while he was ordering his tacos, he became the innocent victim of a nearly fatal shooting. Throughout his long recovery, Onofre realized that he wanted to keep the youth in his community from succumbing to a similar fate. He started Pura Avenida. 


Pura Avenida aims to immerse the youth of the Avenue into community art projects as a means to achieve connection and well-being in the community as well as providing gang intervention and prevention. The youth of the Avenue would revitalize the neighborhood with a variety of art initiatives such as a large mural painting that will be found on Wall St behind the Boys and Girls Club Thrift Store.
While Onofre is seeking out youth participants to provide their artistic talents for the Avenue as well as to be mentored by professional local artists, the WCDC is looking for financial resources and art materials for this endeavor for the sake of the young generation of the Avenue. If you would like to contribute to the Pura Avenida project, do not hesitate to click below.
We hope you’ll be able to come out to see the progress soon!


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