Congrats & Goodbye Tracy Hudak!

We offer deepest thanks and bid grand new adventures to Tracy, our beloved Westside Community Development Corp. (WCDC) Business Development Manager. Tracy is moving her mission beyond her local community-invigorating focus to one of a statewide range with her new position as Manager of Programs and Organizational Advancement-Southern California for the advocacy and policy organization, Californians for the Arts. 

Tracy’s unique blend of talents and characteristics have helped cultivate and nurture the best of Ventura’s Westside, guiding WCDC’s work in spurring economic opportunity, sparking community revitalization, empowering local leaders and building a connected community.

“Tracy is a non-profit onto herself,” said WCDC Executive Director Jackie Pearce.

A visionary who turns ideas into action and leads them through fruition to development and sustainability..

An innovator.

An articulate communicator.

A great business mind from seeing the big picture to implementing the important details for organizational and community success.

Tracy is a strong presence both bold and kind. 

A great wit.

The consummate juggler.

“She truly helped design the infrastructure of the WCDC,” Jackie said. “She started as bookkeeper to become marketing consultant then resource development manager (helping us to secure a total of 100k into the community through her grant writing skills) to business development director, to producing the Westside Community Innovative Exchange  and basically enhancing all programs for the WCDC!”

Tracy  created all of our branding and info sheets, our website, and our Westside Business Newsletter. She pushed us into other programs like the Census Outreach Program and the Rental Relief Assistance Program!

We will continue to feel the reverberations of your efforts for years to come, Tracy.

We appreciate you greatly! And we wish you all the best!

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