Westside Thrives COVIDeo Series

The WCDC has partnered with ArtSci Ventura to create the Westside Thrives COVIDeo Series. The purpose of the series is to promote Avenue-area business that have been able to open and to learn how they have adapted their business practices to meet the challenge of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Is your business open?  – We want everyone to know! 

How has your business adapted? – We want to learn from you!

Westside businesses are being creative and resourceful in meeting safety guidelines and serving their customers during the COVID crisis. We are inviting all Avenue-area businesses, whether store or home-based, to share your story of adapting. Send us video of your business operations and we will promote your efforts through our newsletter and through social media

Ventura Spirits created the first video for Westside Thrives – check out all the measures they have taken to comply with safety standards and serve new customers while having some fun.

In our second video, Accurate Auto owner Leo Montero shares some history, some advice and talks about the impact of COVID19.

How To Participate in Westside Thrives COVIDeo Series

Ideas for video footage to share include:

  • How have you implemented aspects of your prevention plan, like social distancing, disinfecting, or using signage? 
  • How have your adapted your products or services to meet new demands?
  • What types of marketing are you doing to stay connected to your customers or to find new ones?
  • Any special ways that you are serving the community.

How to submit your video:

  1. Put a video together that is no longer than one (1) minute in length highlighting any of the ideas listed above.

    *You can add music or fun edits (like the old-timey thing that Ventura Spirits did) or just send as is. ArtSci will put it in the Westside Thrives format.

  2. Email your video and contact information to director@westsideventura.org

  3. If you need assistance editing a video, as well as with social media marketing or creating a website, contact ArtSci Ventura for rates by calling Aliza at 949-374-4244.

For more information, call 805-628-3869, or email Jackie at director@westsideventura.org

Have fun. Share your story. Inspire others by showing that it is possible to adapt.

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