Stage 2 Expands- More Businesses Can Reopen

Governor Newsom has expanded the list of businesses that can open, provided they can maintain strict safety and prevention measures. Learn about the types of businesses that can open, how to open your business, and learn what is coming next…

The Types of Businesses That Can Open Include:

  • Childcare for those outside of the essential workforce.
  • Office-based businesses (telework remains strongly encouraged)
  • Limited services – those that can generally operate without close customer contact, such as: Laundromats, Dry Cleaners, Other Laundry Services, Auto Repair Shops, Car Washes, Landscapers, Pet Grooming, and Dog WalkingLIMITED SERVICE GUIDELINES
  • Services in homes and facilities where physical distance can still be maintained, which include: Residential And Janitorial Cleaning Services, HVAC Services, Appliance Repair Persons, Electricians, Plumbers, Other Mechanical Tradespersons, Handypersons, And General Contractors. LIMITED SERVICE GUIDELINES
  • Outdoor museums, and open gallery spaces and other public spaces with modifications  OUTDOOR MUSEUM GUIDELINES

How To Open Your Business

In accordance with the VC Reopens website, businesses that wish to open must confirm their readiness by completing a Business Attestation form with the County after completing the following steps:

  1. Begin by reviewing the Industry guidance webpage published by the State of California.
  2. After reviewing the guidance, complete a detailed risk assessment of your business.
  3. Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms and stay home if they have them.
  4. Complete a written worksite-specific COVID-19 Prevention Plan and post it at your business. The plan should include disinfecting protocols, physical distancing guidelines, etc.
  5. Implement the prevention measures identified in your worksite-specific COVID-19 Prevention Plan.
  6. Designate an on-duty employee responsible for monitoring compliance with your plan.
  7. Complete the attestation form at

If you need assistance, contact the County COVID-Compliance Helpline at 805-202-1805 or visit the VC Reopens Website 

Get Ready To Open These Types of Businesses Soon

Guidelines were issued for Dine-In Restaurants and Shopping Centers. These are not allowed to open yet, but the guidelines are attached for those that want to prepare:


Customers and individuals

Customers and individuals are encouraged to stay home if they have a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms. Those with symptoms or elevated temperatures should not shop, get services in person, go to work, or gather with others. If you’re not sure if this applies to you, check your symptoms with this Symptom Screener.
Higher risk individuals (over 65 or with serious medical conditions) should continue to stay home until Stage 4. Minimize errands by getting groceries delivered or asking for help from friends or family.
Shop safely! Crowded settings increase your risk of exposure to COVID-19. Wear a face covering or cloth mask, stay 6 feet away from others, avoid touching your face, and wash your hands when you get home.






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