The Red Shirts are coming!

We are excited to announce that Downtown Ventura Partners has worked on our behalf with the city to expand their ambassador program (the red shirts on bikes) up the Avenue to Kellogg Park. On April 24th, we hosted a small meeting to ask businesses how the WCDC could help them thrive. Westside businesses told us that the most critical challenge they face are issues related to vagrancy behaviors.

We heard about incidents, ranging from the uncomfortable to the criminal, that are effecting business owners, customers and neighbors. Acknowledging the enormity of the homeless issues in Ventura, the businesses owners also expressed concern over connecting needy people to appropriate and adequate services. So the WCDC has decided to move on two fronts: circulating ambassadors in the area, trying to increase access to services and working to support and increase policing services with the Ventura PD.

We expect that the presence of the ambassadors, and their ability to diffuse problems and facilitate getting people help, will help the Avenue feel more safe and welcoming. 

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