Mission & Vision

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The Westside Community Development Corporation (WCDC) activates investments and partnerships that create vitality and opportunity for residents and businesses of Ventura’s Westside.

Our Vision

We envision a community that honors its diverse residents and businesses with welcoming streets and a vibrant commercial corridor, while providing adequate housing and sustainable economic security for all.

What is the Westside Community Development Corporation (WCDC)?

The WCDC is a federally-recognized “Community Based Development Organization” that was formed in 2003 to activate partnerships and secure resources to strengthen Ventura’s Westside. Our programs focus on four impact areas:

  • Spurring Economic Opportunity
  • Sparking Community Revitalization
  • Empowering Local Leaders
  • Building a Connected Community

Through events, workshops and special projects, the WCDC connects those who seek to improve their lives, their livelihoods or their community to resources and opportunities that help create positive change.

What is a CBDO?

The WCDC is the region’s only “Community Based Development Organization” or CBDO. A CBDO is a special organization certified by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to undertake significant economic and community development projects in communities that are designated by HUD as a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategic Area. A CBDO is granted special provisions for streamlined and flexible funding for programs that address economic development, housing or public service activities. As a CBDO, the Westside Community Development Corporation is a unique and powerful tool that can be leveraged to help address the needs and meet the potential of our community.

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