Your group can create the friendly and welcoming environment needed to allow our community to thrive.

The WCDC has identified over 20 commercial blocks in the Avenue Business Corridor and 2 residential blocks in need of attention for maintenance and safety. Your group can help by giving one of these blocks tender loving care. Each of these blocks are available for “adoption” through the Adopt-A-Block program.

Adopt-A-Block is a simple, fun and FREE program. Participants agree to maintain their chosen block at least 3 times a year during community-wide Adopt-A-Block TLCY Day events. You may notice your block needs help with removing weeds, litter or graffiti. All supplies are free, thanks to the generous support of Aera Energy.

Join neighbors, friends and community groups in caring for the Westside. In the top left photo, Danielle Sisk of Keller Williams Realty is excited to use her new supply kit. She is adopting the 400 block of West Ventura Avenue and will be partnering with Girl Scouts of America. In the top right photo, EP Foster students Dante and Dominique are transporting their new supply kit to their storage unit on the school campus. EP Foster PTA is adopting the Ventura Avenue blocks surrounding the school. And in the photo to the right, Rafael Robles of City Kidz is getting accustomed to his new Adopt A Block supply kit. His youth group program is adopting all of West Ramona Street. 

First Step: Contact us for more information and to sign up at 805-890-9866 or email

Next Steps: Organize your team and plan your activities for your Adopt-A-Block TLC Days.

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